Roth Communications & Strategy is a consulting firm specializing in building and executing strategic media planning, public relations, stakeholder management, and effective crisis management. Our clients include Israeli and international corporations, from traditional as well as hi tech industries; government agencies; municipalities; public figures; and large public and private sector organizations. Our team, headed by Idan Roth, is closely familiar with the process of public opinion molding and conveying messages to the public and decision makers. We know how to create a favorable environment for our clients’ interests.

Idan Roth – Founder


Idan has more than a decade of experience of working in and with the Israeli media. He was the deputy editor of Israel’s Channel 13 nightly news edition, as well as its transportation and economic correspondent. Since 2012, As the owner of a communication consulting firm, he has provided strategic and media consulting to companies, trade unions, political bodies and NGOs, advising them regarding their media’s conduct, branding processes and upcoming legislative and regulatory changes. He also counseled international corporations in large tenders in Israel and in promoting globally successful ventures and apps.

What we do

Media Consulting

Everyone has a story. We know how to tell it. Every company or organization has an agenda. We know how to promote it. In a world where everyone is inundated with content from all directions, the ability to divert attention to the story, or a particular angle, without compromising the details, is ever more important. This ability relies on experience, an accurate mapping of all stakeholders’ interests on the subject, and a deep understanding of the media and its agenda.

Stakeholder management

A stakeholder is any body or person that affects or is affected by an organization, for example, regulators, government ministries, NGOs, strategic partners, customers, employees and of course the media. Stakeholders also influence each other regarding their attitude to the organization. Our view is that relationships with all stakeholders should be managed holistically, in a coordinated and pro-active manner, to successfully promote initiatives and projects, and prevent crises before they happen. In the event of a crisis, our deep understanding of our clients’ relationship with all their stakeholders and our familiarity with them helps us solve the crisis quickly and efficiently.

Government Relations

Whether it’s a government ministry, a municipality or a county building commission, they all have their set procedures and ways of doing things. Dealing with these entities can be exhausting and frustrating, especially without the required tools and experience. After leading many successful campaigns and initiatives, we at “Roth Communications” know how to take care of your interests, vis-a-vis your governmental stakeholders. There is no magic here or hidden connections, simply a team that understands the system and its key players.

Digital Assets and Social Media

Social networks are a critical and effective channel for proactive corporate and organizational activity, as a standalone campaign or as a complementary activity to a campaign on other media. We know how to tailor our customers’ message to each of the social networks, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram according to their character and that of their users, to maximize their marketing and image-enhancing potential. Our experienced professionals know how to harness the power of social networks to advance our clients’ goals.

Crisis Management

In a digital age saturated with events, a quick and smart response is critical. Any media crisis can become a real threat, both from an image and a bottom-line standpoint. At the time of a crisis, the client is facing a public test, in which the media acts as the investigator, prosecutor and sometimes judge. We have the experience and knowledge to deal with the fast sequence of events. We stay sharp and focused and see the overall picture, in order to provide the fastest and most appropriate response in such a complex reality.